A Digital Trip

Exclusive Biz Journey Video-Series!

A Creative’s Guide Through the Internet

Episode I
• A Scorpio’s Mind is Nothing to Mess With •

In THIS historically-edutaining vid-series, I’m going to walk you through a FREE Step-By-Step guide on ‘How To Escape Your Own Limits’, right here, with my content, obviously.


I would like you to know something..

This place, the internet.. social..

It’s limitless.

I can throw a baseball from one Reel-to-the-next and catch it. Probably from just some of the features on-the-app and some resources that I’ve engrained into my page within the Digital World.

I’m going to be brutally honest..

The algorithm is my frisbee on a beach while Reel’n from a bicycle in Portugal.

There’s no excuses..

Or answers, really..

Hell. I don’t have all the tools, but then again, who cares. Even my copy is probably way too-long for a Viral-smash. Oh well, slay what you can, upgrade as you go.

Anyways.. I..

Damn.. the transmission is breaking-up.

Somewhere between-);&

Ughhh!!! The app froze!..&;&3@

You.. You have to-


Sh!t! The text-cap isn’t big ‘nuff for this community to properly magn!$&;&&;

. . .

It’s.. Happening…

I have to go deeper phone Rebs, I’m going to take you through a step-by-step guide on how to be free.

I have to find the main internet feed power-coupling on the 8th-level of the dimensional-integrator, between the receptor-beam and just f$&king post it and follow @MarkDellaPennaJr.

Welcome to Tech Wars..

Get comfortable in my cellular-dimension.

All will be taken care of for you.

Please, keep your hands and feet within the phone-vehicle at all times! This path is *unpredictably-savage.

Do, continue to dream passed the limits.

They’re onto me..


We have to go!

Jump into my phone. It’s time.

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Song paired with video but not included:
Imagine Dragons • Warriors

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