A Digital Trip

Episode Fifteen •

As Covid spread through the world, so too did my empire. There wasn’t much room on my small table desk, and the atmosphere of being cramped in the house started to really break my work-life-balance. Plus, my grandmother’s cat wouldn’t stop crying out at night, sensing the situation of loss.

I charged out a plan to save up enough for some office space, and I found an ad online that struck me as being oddly-aligned with something I had in mind.

After the first attempt at an offer, and after exchanging paperwork, I acquired my office. It would be my base, my kingdom, the place that I’d spend most of my time and energy. I rented a truck and started my road from Revere to Salem, Massachusetts.

I was in love with myself and my mission, for the first time in probably my life. Creatives get so-much hate, so-much criticism, and I endured it for years within the field, my own circle and obviously from total strangers that I don’t care about.

The space provided me more room, more options and more credibility. It’s honestly such a dream, it’s perfect for someone like myself.

I didn’t have much equipment, or much cash reserve for furnishing, so I basically set-up my one desk and used social from my cell. I noticed that every-single phase of my actual enjoyment, or even thanking ‘the audience for 500 followers’, or the time that I worked with Harvard- caused TONS of people to unfollow.

I was and personally always am on a constant flux between ‘trying to be myself to support my life’ and ‘not giving a single-f$&k about what other people like or think.’

The more that my professional life actually up’d, my social life really suffered. Most people communicate through social to their group, but I started using the phone to converse with those close to me, and traded-out family and life photos from social to frames on my wall.

The physical advantage of more space is great for my specific nature. The trippiest-part about my journey started happening when people from the real-world would visit me after watching me in the digital one for the first time. Again, from IG service-based creating to clients in person.

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Linkin Park • Castle of Glass

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