Before I start producing content on LinkedIn, I really just randomly wanted to re-post one of my original classic storytelling, short-style videos as an over-the-top dramatic entrance into my chronologically-planned posting style for my readers, audience, supporters and community in the most anti-trophy, un-high-quality, rhythmatic way possible in order to demonstrate that success looks like happy.

Hi, my name is Mark Anthony DellaPenna Jr. I’m a Founder & CEO of a creative content agency that I’m obsessed about, the Inventor of Boston’s Digital Arena which allowed me to be 1/100 independent inventor’s to make American history with the Inventor’s Group of America during their first-ever publicly televised event, Volunteer with the American Red Cross Disaster Response, and I love to dabble into the creative entrepreneurial space and a fan of most-things digital.

My story? Pfft.. It can’t be emulated. Infact, most of my late 20’s was documented on the internet with cringe-worthy starter Reels, bad audios, and cheap shirtless captions. Public criticism, comment boxes, views, deals, clients, and sponsors sounded appealing when I set out on my business journey.

What if I told you, that before the status and allure of financial freedom and escape from the 9-5 with an opportunity to impact others and my community that I grew up in the North End of Boston without parents, stuck at a job that didn’t bring me fulfillment managing restaurants, and didn’t have much money after the bills were paid through out the week? You see..

My secret isn’t so-secret, I don’t give up, even when I probably should. I’m a semi-struggling, multi-hat wearing, work-life-balancing, e-learning solocreativepreneur that started my own path in the digital tundra when the woman who adopted me passed away due to cancer, to the world she’s my grandmother, in my world, she was my mother.

She saved my life, and of course me being an 11/14 Italian Scorpio, I was hard-heatedly stubborn enough to keep a promise that I made to her the last time I saw her, years ago now.

Still can’t believe that I started almost-broke, babysitting my nephews on Xbox and started an online community called Marvel Un1verse that blew up and got DC’s attention.. lol. Oh the internet, it can never be defeated, not even by the internet.

Welcome to Tech Wars,
I’ll be your host.



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