A Digital Trip

Episode II
• Dream Sequence •

Before anything started to happen for me, it began in my mind. My own core belief-system in society started taking a drastic turn when the way that I began to feel about myself was changing before my eyes, I couldn’t hide from it.

I spent most of my life working various jobs, and would pounce-around trying new fields. I’ve been in delivery, dishwasher, prep cook, line cook, waiter, host, bartender, assistant manager, restaurant manager, forklift operator, cashier, loss prevention security and even tried really odd-jobs between. The only thing that I felt as if I gained, was perspective or a macro-vision of the way that operations worked through various roles.

Leadership wasn’t something that ever-really interested me, although I’d often be put into such positions, I’d always create the opportunity for team-building and communications. More-so in restaurants, as there tended to be a divide between front-of-house, back operations and management. Things get political, choosey and nippy with many personalities in-a-room.

Nothing seemed to really draw much-interest, quite frankly, I’d often catch myself fantasizing about some-other alternative lifestyle or sources of work, staring out of the windows and into a day-dream-like imaginative cognizance.

Days would be long and taxing, opening the door early morning and ending my night taking out trash to the dumpsters, emptying mousetraps and refilling ketchup bottles until I was too-tired to think about myself. My mind started falling into a blank-spot between assuming this was normal and telling myself ‘everyone does it’, even though it started to affect my psyche.

I’d go home with just-enough after paying bills to maybe get another outfit for work, or go out to eat once-in-a-while. I wasn’t fulfilled, something kept making me look to-the-world for answers, to a riddle that is my life purpose.

I continued to pursue Fire Protection & Safety certification tests for an adventurous career into civil service, even after scoring 100% I was never called.

I knew I needed a serious change in my life.

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Hozier • Arsonist’s Lullaby

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