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Episode Fourteen •

The after-effects of a great personal loss only prepared me for an even larger obstacle on my journey, back-to-back. When my mind was set on succeeding at any and all costs, I was tested by the gods.

Covid hit, and it hit hard. My major client campaign was in the exact location of the highest infection rate in the country. My small business was just being reawakened from a stand-still in its infancy when the pandemic reigned havoc on the economy.

Most of the smaller businesses that I had been serving started to bail out of extra advertisement services, fearing whether or not they’d even be open for business at all. My biggest client stopped advertising due to the circumstances and my business income dropped at an alarming rate.

Time continued to roll forward as the world began to undergo a dramatic change, and although online activity was at a record-high, the competition for people looking to support themselves frantically caused a rise in competition.

Before you knew it, agencies sprouted all over the digital world, and because I was predominately focused on services, I took a major loss in the market.

Things returned to a very familiar up-and-down pattern, with my concentration being on recovery, I started to get distracted by the patent project starting to sprout life.

I joined the Inventor’s Group of America, and was invited to participate on National television in their first-ever public event that made American history.

The moment impacted my career and life forever, and I’m incredibly fortunate, but if you’ve been following the story, the timing was outright ridiculous.

I would go from incredibly worried, to jumping up-and-down excited, back to nervous, then to confident, into streams of both really-highs and very-lows in such a short amount of compacted time.

Being solo started to test my mental-state, through isolation working from home and more-extreme through public distancing. Because of the extent of the project, I wasn’t sure who to even trust.

It got personal, and the sweet taste of historical success in combo with deep tragedy unleashed a savage.

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Roberto Cacciapaglia • Drums of war

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