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Episode Seven •

After leaving the 9-5 world, the grind was on. I started to freelance more online and locally to small businesses with social marketing.

The real struggle was learning to adapt to a completely different schedule and mentality of avoiding the feeling of ‘being at home’ rather-than at work. Self-employment is only as fun as you make it, and I knew that I wasn’t going to have a team for awhile, so I tried to create a community-atmosphere through social for those that followed.

My earliest memories of social were going-through-the-masses. My messages and inboxes looked-like this:
•Your posts are ‘unprofessional’
•You’re writing very ‘young’ on IG
•You’re swearing unnecessarily

Let me reiterate why after personally growing-up through-the-eras.

• This is social..
What does that mean? Means socialize as yourself, be yourself, spill things, run cardio, build puzzles. There’s no ‘robotic-way’, and my entire metamorphic-visuals and copy are between me and my actual audience.

• IG is a platform, the average user with the most-activity spends hours consuming, if things aren’t clear-enough for a 5th grader, than it’s confusing. Aside from this, again, maybe they’re comparing fronts-to-backs. I’m a master at not-listening.

• Okay, yeah, most high-achievers in life swear. Maybe this offends, I’m not sure if they’re on people-pleaser modes, but also- people are way more likely to remember bold things.

All-in-all, this is why I won’t lose.

Sorry, not sorry. My social-presence, posts and ANYTHING else, doesn’t have to be professional to be successful. People make super-car pages and run-around making bank posting.

The *psychology* of social is just-that. I can assure you that, by showing-up, serving your audience and growing real meaningful connections is going to do better than 90% of people on social.

This is why I consult with people doing it, and still:
• Stay true to myself & my values
• Post what works for me, it’s social, I’ve been on bigger stages
• Awareness that I can post-my-cat with jokes and create cash-flow faster-than the ones scrolling, self-made life.

Song paired with video but not included:
Hans Zimmer • Remember

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