A Digital Trip

Episode Twelve •

They say that the brightest things in life happen around darkness, that when something leaves this world, something new is brought into it. For every story that ends, another begins.

This couldn’t be more true for my story, that’s exactly how it played out. Around the time that I was coming off a giant client victory early-on, I was amped. Felt good, motivated, was just getting into it.

I started feeling more confident about the whole ‘high-risk venture’ ‘ting and started coming up with a concept for a patent idea, using computer software. I called it, ‘Boston’s Digital Arena’.

As I was sketching-up plans, my Sister had a nearly-fatal situation when calling an ambulance service and was denied access to the hospital. I lashed out online and shouted out the stormtroopers, telling them not to forget my name. I had already left the average life, I was enraged that mediocrity and weakness from poor decisions could jeopardize my family.

Shortly after, my family got news that my grandmother was diagnosed with an untreatable cancer. With it, my entire heart shattered.

She adopted me at birth and sacrificed her golden years to be a parent all over again when most her age were done. She was both my Mother and my Father, often working three jobs to support us. I was severely affected by the news.

I took time off working altogether to help hospice nurses watch and take care of her just a few rooms away around-the-clock. The utter-feeling of powerlessness and fear grabbed ahold of my mind and occupied the darkest spaces. I couldn’t do anything except try to be strong for her, but it felt useless.

My business stopped at a total stand-still, during a very vulnerable financial timeline of breaking out of a salary position to be self-employed. What little time I had to myself, I’d huzz something on my social account to start growing.

This was also around the time that most of the people that I knew began unfollowing me, and trolls would nip at my ankles with their 2-cent remarks as they scrolled by.

I was trapped in-between worlds alone.

Friday, March I –

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Crescent Sun • Tragic

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