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Episode Nine •

As I started to learn about building brand, social content and online business, my old hobbies and passions starting to ignite endless flurries of creative ideas into my actions.

As I’ve shared in prior content, what really started my idea for an online business were mostly some of my favorite things in the world. I loved comic books, was always a giant Marvel fan, liked recording sounds, making videos and writing.

When my Sister had children, I would babysit them from between-floors, and we’d usually end up on Xbox. We started a player group called @MarvelUn1verse, customized our characters in-game as icons, and ran through the platform. It started as a joke, with just a headset and controller. It grew and grew, to over 650+ players across 11+ titles.

I couldn’t even play, I had to start managing the large group with admin. using platform features. We got so-much attention, that the game operators took notice. Even @DCUniverse Twitter-battled our account.

I started to slice video and photo content of the in-game group and spread social content through IG to grow the membership. It worked like a charm.

Those ideas, using some branding knowledge with marketing really spawned my initial idea into building my first business. I enjoyed the creative freedom and networking opportunities that came with the lifestyle.

After some thought-out story-driven content that paired with a unique selling point, I started to draw-up concepts for how to turn my social content craze into a living-breathing entity.

From the logo, to the core values, I wanted to try and connect micro-entities that could provide me with enough to support myself and pursue more of my genuine passions.

The pure-irony had to be shared, and the experience on social in such a creative space allows me to think of really outside-the-box creative marketing methods and community building.

I started by designing a company logo that connected with my personal brand, I overthought many ways to branch out online using similar branding.

The part of my brain that essentially established the framework was almost-natural.

Song paired with video but not included:
UNSECRET, Neoni • Ignite

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