A Digital Trip

Episode III •
Internal Struggle

The ‘16 decision to make a change in my life toward financial freedom was externalized to-the-masses, and started with a serious amount of dedicated decisions to begin making internal sacrifices. It started with minimizing my actual expenses, spending more time working on projects and less-time going out of it wasn’t to a meeting or an event.

At first, you don’t really notice anything, but by continuously and repetitiously altering your actions and behaviors, you begin to open-up an actual possibility for discipline to mold your time and energy into shape, just like a muscle, it’s consistent choices that show progress.

The expenditures began by cutting-out distractions, anything that *really* wasn’t going to help me get ahead. This is where I abused the internet for most of my entertainment and socializing-while-working.

Next, I started to try and change the way that I viewed any sort of transition into difficulty with sheer excitement, even when it was something I didn’t want to do. I’d routinely do things that made me intentionally uncomfortable, depriving myself of instant gratifications. Each tiny act in the right direction had to be self-rewarded and cheered for.

Obsessive desire fueled me to continue toward my work and often meant less-time to party anyways, so instead, I’d save the money that I normally would’ve blew on a weekend, and started investing small amounts into the stock market and other various avenues of income just to keep my brain actively learning and absorbing new ways to grow.

Eventually, I trained myself to live in a happy-medium between my income and spendings, where even the bright-lights of social didn’t make me feel the need to change from t-shirts or pajamas. This strengthened my core belief system in my own ability to feel good about the tiny things that no one sees.

I’d spend much-less time consuming main-stream media, television or entertainment channels and way more time self-educating myself or learning from others on social. I’d get so hyped about my savings beginning to sprout by itself that my confidence started to come back.

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