A Digital Trip

Episode Five •

After enough client work within the #socialverse, I started to formulate an escape into nightfall. I thought about it way-too-long. I obsessed about the decision for weeks before, practically speaking things into the #digitalworld that fate would later hit me with through checking on the pocket-verse, which is my historical community of savage biz monsters of the galactic re-post’its.

The escape wasn’t going-to-be-easy, in-fact, I was about to sever the societal-cord from my income mentality altogether. The exit is easy, it really is a choice, but that’s not necessarily easy for others to see happen for themselves.

The path was decided, the departure from the 9-5 world came into existence within reality by #creating a belief into myself. I wasn’t necessarily excited for the next-phase of lowering my income and hunting for total-renewal, which meant things like:

• Learning alternative methods of health insurance and benefits.

• Building my own network, groups and assimilating with strangers through-the-internet for the first time.

• Articulating my insane wants and needs into a strategy that could serve my time.

The night came-down around me, one typical evening, doing boring and meticulous office work that didn’t make me smile, at all. I was done feeling like a damn barcode!

I said my goodbyes and fled, into-the-darkness. Everything that I used to believe in started clearing itself into ways a vision of success could form, being able to do my own thing.

I was so excited, and really took no-time to run to social and chirp-the-word out. The very beginning of my business journey was about to enfold, enveloping an aura from my past, and present into-the-future.

I knew it was going to be a totally-delusion, spontaneous and dramatic change in the way that the people close to me in my life reacted. I’ve heard it all, every opinion, insight, advice, and re-directional suggestion. Took many serious conversations of explaining magical-gibberish to people who didn’t see a change, potential or vision.

I celebrated, ordered a steak and treated myself well, before h311.

Song paired with video but not included:
Hans Zimmer • Cornfield Chase

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