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Episode Six •
Rise of Hope

The morning after I left the 9-5, my business journey began. The initial start wasn’t pretty, but it had to be done. Cutting-off from the only source of income from the 9-5 is absolutely the biggest leap I’ve ever taken.

Everything was then-on 100% different in mind and spirit, because even something minor such-as a flu or flood could topple my life over, basically. It was fun to fantasize about it, but it was literally now-or-never.

I put no-pressure on myself at all, I started by printing paper-sheets with my name and Instagram on it, at the time my username was @MarkyD8, and I’d verbally tell other businesses or places that I’d often go about online options and hand them a paper-slip. The sheets were cut in 24 different hand-outs, even ink had to be used thoughtfully.

I had to, and I mean- absolutely had to move fast with action, but very carefully with money. Anything that went out, with nothing to bring-back for it, was classified under ‘Don’t Do It’ spending decisions.

I played it viscously-smart, by spending next-to-nothing to bring in client-work.

My best-advice to you, probably the smartest thing that I did, was start free, cheap or time-lenient because you’re going to have to use the money that you make as a tool for more.

It’s NOT going to be easy, if you’re someone who left a 9-5 or consider it, so really, go easy on spending. I’m five years in, highly-confused at all times (lol), but truthfully- so is everyone else. Even now, you learn to spend even-less.

Besides, a true #entrepreneur following me would know the meaning of their intent-enough to be misunderstood for years if necessary. That’s life, who cares, I think that’s normal. They can sell air and go onto build a cloud-factory.. maybe.

Save what you can because ultimately you want your business to work like-a-machine, not you. When you first leave, buckle-up! Boot-strap, skip desert, read to pass time, basically think minimally for spending.

Your passion has a place in the #creatoreconomy, so as you’re cutting-back, you can reinvest it into that ‘ting you’re buildin’!

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John Williams • The Force Is With You

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