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Episode Eleven •

The internalization about the difficulties of building brand on social media was about 70%-80% mental. It started with understanding that those who show up with persistence and consistency will naturally gravitate and manifest what they’re after- though I’d never share your dreams with the internet or small-minded people.

The goals and outcomes are usually always in flux, even a professional sportscaster doesn’t necessarily prepare perfect statements. Social works magically for your business in strange ways, aside from just sales.

I’ll never forget the true beginning of the manifestation process that starts mentally when your life is on the line, and that’s not really the wrong attitude to take. Let’s keep it real, statistically, as a fatherless male from a moderately successful family of humble beginnings, I just didn’t understand what success even meant.

The hard facts of life are, that businesses are actually burdens that require mindset of abundance. Even my smallest project is somewhat of a legally-registered child of mine floating about.

When you go into a business, you NEED to generate as much income as you can. This means using sales funnels, socials and free time to reinvest into more ways to make more money, ultimately making your money work for you.

The cold-harsh reality of my creative profession made me really, genuinely full. I get to do what I love to do, help others do it, and love myself for it.

But, some of the earliest sacrifices that sound harsh ended up being the best things for me. One of my E-Commerce mentors drilled it into my mind that you’re not being selfish for realizing that 95% of the world are mindlessly scrolling, so you may as well profit.

To this day, bigger professionals, council and peers will reiterate that I spend “way too much time not selling or aiming for sales”, and it’s not that I’m afraid of money, it’s just a strange feeling having options you’re not used to.

There’s really only one-way to get what you really want out of your time in my opinion. Your vision is a sophisticated roadmap to your purpose written-in-the-stars from a omnipresence.

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