A Digital Trip

The Beginning – Series One

That’s my small business journey compressed into IG Reels for my audience and community to get a chance to see what it’s been like building my first business and building a name for myself from scratch online.

Below this Reel are the 15 individual Reels that together make this Mega-Reel. It wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do and engineer in-a-way that felt authentic.

Building a genuine community and finding support for my small business dream on social has been the-most difficult journey of my existence. People will support memes and puppies over a small business owner.

People usually don’t support small businesses as much as they’d have you believe. I did waste the first few months of my business journey asking people on social if they’d support it. You really have to pay for it all, build it first and then promote it.

The interesting thing about persistence is that it almost always equates into results. I’ve never met anyone that put their absolute heart and soul into something and didn’t at least come out a better version of themselves.

I’d love to find more people that want similar things in life through social, at this stage of my career I’d physically fly to Egypt if I met someone that shared the same energy. No limits, this is what I want to do and I hope to encourage other creatives to keep creating outside-of-the-box.

Hopefully with more supporters I can start my small business up for longevity.

Thanks for following.

For those that watched some-or-all of ‘A Digital Trip’, let me know which episode you found the most value in.

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Join the most-authentically historic community of people who appreciate real business options that live in my devices.

Song paired with video but not included:
Eiffel 65 • I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee)

I do not own the rights to this music.


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