The Birth

After designing the logo for my business, I knew that I needed to add more creative options to be able to create content in a sustainable way for social with recognizability. Thus, the birth of my business began to breathe it’s first life into existence.

The concept of using an animated character for social content was appealing because I was not only going at it solo, but I wanted the branding to stick-out in a recognizable way. By formulating rough ideas about the future of the business and where I saw potential, connecting my personal journey with digital art and animation was a great tool to use to connect with an audience and leverage my time.

The design for the character was interesting to me, because through the research and development I learned that people respond much-differently to the character than they did myself. The ability to customize the content and evolve the actual character along-side me as the creator was unique.

The feeling of the business seemed to visually be alive by using a more colorful and comic-esque theme. It allowed me to navigate readers and viewers through social content in an easy-to-approach style using some of the things that I love about the creative space with both old nostalgic throwbacks from my journey and innovative new ways to connect.

Digital art was always interesting as both a form of communication and branding, as art can infiltrate our minds in forms of entertainment that tamper with our imagination. By taking my logo into a 3D-realm, it added depth to my vision and how the world perceived the business.

Thinking ahead of time about what type of content that I’d produce for the business helped me create an animated and visually-appealing system that didn’t require me to work harder in order to be original and consistent.

Utility features and alternative business options became more-and-more tangible with time, and I knew that even as rough ideas or sketches, the content could be re-used and re-cycled to help see the plans come to life.

By using a character, it allows more engaging story-driven content to pierce-through the 3rd-wall of glass to actually make a connection. This also opened up doors for merch, graphics, website and guidebooks to be more exciting and interesting.

The core values of the company began to become omnipresent through the characteristics and personality of the logo, through its actions, movements and relating it back to my actual journey.

I always loved comic-books, movies, films and great stories, so to be able to produce more of the content that I enjoyed that sync’ed with my actual passions, it created a bond between me and the actual symbolism of my mission.

The dynamic between creator and audience was fascinating already, so I wanted to focus on the audience perspective in-a-way that could emerge viewers into my world, to create a shared perspective and experience.

The character helped me immerse my business into the digital tundra beyond normal.


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