The Fall

Before I could land clients or teach entrepreneurs behind me, I had to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my company. That was a problem, because I loved so many different aspects of the creative space.

Digital marketing, social content, influencing, brand deals, sponsors, website building, optimization, hashtag research, keywords, not to mention there was equipment to learn about, navigating social presence, creating trust and building an audience.

From there was figuring out which platforms I felt comfortable using, overcoming camera shyness, getting used to massive amounts of attention, learning how to communicate with a target audience, and creating a fun environment for people that followed.

The internet is great for people that are looking to connect, learn, interact and engage. The ease of access was a giant motivating factor in setting up an online business for myself, but the never-ending volume of hatestream media coupled with too many options, over-stimulation from social usage and putting myself out there in magnitudes was a leap.

I knew that if I could get comfortable being uncomfortable, I’d have a lot more to offer others. At first, I started creating a concept idea for what I wanted my company to represent. I over-thought nearly every detail to the point that I wasn’t taking as much action based on the perception factor.

A major factor in my decision for a digital business was that my time within different corners of the internet over-the-years gave me a lot of creative outlooks and different areas where I could see serious potential for a business. Nearly every sector was interesting to me, gaming, podcasting, social marketing, content creation and community building.

The more that I seemed to learn how to operate it professionally however, also triggered insecurities and doubts. Every aspect required so many different professions and skill-sets. There was designing, funnels, tracking, ads, psychology of consumer sales and all the different finer aspects of selecting niches and branding.

I was thrown way out of my comfort zone when I started to use social to announce the start of my business. Now a days, it’s a running joke that entrepreneurs face, where friends and family don’t always support a business idea. I went through that full-scale.

Just setting up social pages and getting a website organized was difficult at first. People that I knew began to unfollow, judgemental comments, total strangers buzzing the inbox, it was a mental process that began to take a toll.

I’d social proof client work, and have the client sniped from a competitor. People would leave comments or discouraging statements and I’d retaliate by posting proofs or clearing the air, forgetting about the hundreds of people that were following to show support just to show one or two they were incorrect.

My core belief system and values as a person challenged my mind when constructing my business.


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