The Flight

When I first started as a social media freelancer in 2016, I started taking advantage of anything that I could use for myself without spending much to do it. Bootstrapped, I started hunting for free events and networking opportunities around Boston to get the word out.

The very first seminar that I attended was a mind-opener. It was all about mindset, and it rocked my brain. The seminar opened with the host explaining how the human mind operated. Using a jumbo-sized television behind them, a slideshow about the inner workings of positive and negative energy started to play.

The host of the event explained that in order to be successful, we must remove the negative charges from our sub-conscience mind, the tiny emotional scars from childhood, the rejections in adolescence, and the failures and errors as adults that stick to our brain and inadvertently directly affect your decision making process.

It went into very-high detail about how the past can sometimes stunt our ability to harness our true unlimited potential. It illustrated that the most-powerful place in your mind is the tiniest part of the brain, but it works like the motor to the rest of your anatomical structure and wiring.

We can’t access the full-potential of our minds, and we’re unable to reach into the back of our brains to cleanse out the negative impressions that accumulate over time and from experiences in the past. Similar to touching a burning hot stove, the pain registers in your actual body from the brain’s signal that you shouldn’t do that. Thus, we naturally direct our bodies and minds from recieving those same signals.

The host tied it into success, and how we’re sometimes programmed by society and limited belief systems due to the subconscience mind’s unmatched awareness and current. The host explained that it’s impossible to eliminate the past experiences, but with techniques and routine practice, we can flush out that part of the brain.

As mammals in the midst of evolution, this is the closest that we can achieve to clearing our thoughts. Continuously telling yourself positive affirmations and routinely practicing good mind habits can flush the system.

The takeaway from the seminar was to unlock your mind to being open to success, to actually allowing yourself to achieve what you don’t believe you can. Not only is it motivational, but it’s scientific. For business, especially online, good mental health practices are totally necessary.

They say that when you’re in doubt or unsure about something, you’re more than half-way through the barrier. Total confidence in oneself doesn’t eliminate the possibility of failure, it’s a recognition that failures, losses and mistakes are what creates success.

Nothing is perfect, we have to create our own standards and keep to them. Entrepreneurship could mean that you’re misunderstood for years, and in business there’s no emotions, what’s interesting is that people don’t make decisions based on logic.


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