The Launch

Having no block-buster marketing campaign budget or grand opening ribbon-cutter, I couldn’t let it stop me from starting, or so I thought.

My rookie launch was a lucky rocket-shot into social against all odds, no practice, no resources, zero connections and I started right from my personal IG.

I took the imaginative story-telling elements from my journey and blended them into a simple way that I could use to market, create consistent content and brand.

I was alone, with no team, and I needed to start generating social presence and business awareness to convert calls, so I created an animated variant of the logo design that I had in mind.

Using Paint 3D and other applications online, I was able to piece-together a brand story to uncover our core values, identity and mission.

The evolution of creator-to-viewer from 2017 until present has been a mutually beneficial experience for others by using the content to provide value, using easy-to-do methods that can help entrepreneurs that are wearing every hat.

My concept was to illustrate myself with the actual animated logo character for edutainment content on social. It saves me so much time, energy and money. The aesthetics allow me to stick-out in competitive platforms to grow community, recognizability and trust with original concepts.

Digital business is really interesting, you have to play the content game one-on-one. Clearly, because of my own unique business journey, I’d advocate my personal beliefs and experiences. We do only exist from our own perspective.

Social content has been something that I vastly try to improve with, it’s changed my life significantly just from networking alone. It’s the small business laptop lifestyle that I always wanted.

The logo was evolving with me in digital form along-the-ride with my audience. From flat piece of memo paper with a sketch, to.. well.. it’s limitless online.

The content itself is designed to connect, create community, grow awareness and entertain with value. I’ve definitely grown a lot as a solocreativepreneur. From my honest perspective looking back from 2017, the mistakes were really valuable and worth making long-term. Failed ads, bad copy, no conversions, low site authority, videos with no value, platform uses and ways to optimize are all required material.

I’d still tell people, even on social media, be yourself, try your best, treat it like a career, it’s for you, offered to them, but in a way that raises in value like digital real estate. Content doesn’t matter as much as how you serve, time changes, quality rises, and metrics will always bounce.

Pick up the hobby that you’re passionate about and run with it, in any condition. Mistakes happen, just don’t repeat them. Evoking emotions is one of the most-important parts to creating brand, it has to be relatable, easy to understand and tangible.

Content has taught me an awful lot about life believe it or not, life taught me a lot about content. Everything is content.


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