The Vision

The vision for my business became clearer and clearer the more that I learned. The mechanical differences between E-Commerce, Social Marketing and Digital Marketing were drastically different, but through edutainment they became more and more similar.

The answer was content, and the ironic certainty in my ability to communicate with a target audience through social was from experience being myself. Personal branding was very interesting to me on a deeper level because it was essentially awareness that we as people are already a product. Social media magnifies what’s there. The difference is slight, it’s just choosing to value your time.

For me, creating content was more about making a statement and whirling it around into social impact. As a platform user, you’re essentially free entertainment. Plus, what they’re really after is your data.

As a creator, a large part about the awareness levels make it easier to motivate others. Although, to a degree no one really cares unless you’re rich, dead or famous. The nasty feeling in the beginning of wanting to be seen and heard dissipates greatly when you realize everything is global and grows exponentially.

Self-educating myself on the material was both good and bad. It helped me reaffirm my convictions and desires, but there’s a level of deep understanding involved that lots of people in the field speak about regarding opinions.

There’s two absolutes in my experience online. Getting the results that you desire for your actual life, or scroll around, wish it would happen differently and blame other things. There’s also a giant pattern of weather changes, depending on the platform and presentation. Essentially, the only way to get through social media is to embrace the uncontrollables.

The community aspect of my small business is more appealing to me longterm. Without it, you’re working even harder for almost no reason. A giant part of my commitment to my business was very personal and public from the start.

By thinking longterm, and taking actual baby-steps of progress as a solopreneur, I was able to evolve a single piece of paper into a content strategy that will save me so much time, effort and money. I really wanted a public-display of community over vanity metrics, so a giant organized part of me creating myself via social was to think of ways to use animation and more visually appealing methods to stay healthy and create my own lane.

My earliest mistakes as a creator were very costly and time-demanding, plus they rarely converted. When I first started promoting my business, I used animated programs to recreate a caption-story through video. They would take me days to make, and it wasn’t very good.

I struggled morally before starting on social and would insist that people stopped scrolling. The dialogue started to get confusing because I wasn’t sure how to give value repetitively on IG, and would leverage absolute nothingness into content.

Finally, I was ready to create it.


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