A Digital Trip

Episode Four •
Through the Storm

The small acts of self-investment and getting selfish with my time- especially on social, started to leak more-than cents into my life, if that makes biz-sense.

I started to explore potential in using some of the things that I learned about #DigitalMarketing in the real-world for the first time in 2016, balancing a restaurant management position.

First, I looked-around my home-made office, starting from just a single table a few feet from my bed, an old desktop computer and a really, really sh!tty smartphone. I did have a pretty decent digital #camera though, and an opportunity presented itself to make social content for my job.

Using a free photo-editor that I downloaded with borrowed Wi-Fi, I used food items from the menu, paired each dish with its own cocktail, and moved-about the joint taking high-quality images with different ambiences and backgrounds.

I’d edit the backgrounds by hand, mostly utilizing the ‘blur’ features to pop the image and keep the focus on the dishes with proper lighting.

Food was tough, and so are restaurants and their social content. It’s not always a great idea to highlight the food, sometimes the chefs and owner’s don’t necessarily WANT their work with a spotlight.

Of course, this was from IG’s hay-day, where images shined and the competition for social wasn’t as difficult.

After a few jobs well-done for local eateries & their social-audience’s enjoyment, I upgraded my smartphone with my first-ever #iPhone from a life-time of droids. The video-features, compatibility and options greatly impacted my decision to look for more related-work.

In the back-of-my-mind, I knew I needed as much attention as I could possibly gather. That’s basically the resource that any creative is after. So, I tried my best to physically garner and captivate eyes and just kinda chat out-loud.

I didn’t show up in any-way to social yet, nor for my clients. No face, no voice, no tone, just photos and captions.

Most of the feedback over-the-years has been positive. It was a far-different era, especially on IG.

Song paired with video but not included:
Jerrick Dizlop • Interstellar

I do not own the rights to this music.


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