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Best Advice for New Agency Owners

🚦If you’re starting an agency, think minimal for spending, focus your time wisely and return on your investments carefully.
The appeal to online business is the freedom, but it sure doesn’t happen without discipline. Your social content should always change, you’re a real person and you’re going to require different types of attention at different times.
Recognizability isn’t going to be easy at the beginning of your journey, because you will likely have so few people that watch and interact regularly. Don’t be discouraged, focus on the quality of the physical content.
You need to generate leads in, and before you have a simplified content system that works like an engine, you’ll most-likely be jamming away at it until things start making more sense for you and your audience.
Strive for clarity, and try to think of the way that your messages are being received both visually, on audio and beyond. What kind of vibe is the content? What type of tonality is the social presence?
As you get more visible, you want to maintain that presence with practical solutions. Don’t get diluted expectations or attempt to blow your ad budget for vanity metrics.
Return on your investment, and be mindful of the amount of time that it’s taking you to produce content.
Page aesthetics are something only you and four people are concerned about, don’t dwell on positioning yourself into images for appearance to get the brand visuals right and ignore the amount of calls, sales and conversions.
You’re going to need to get out of the idea of being perfect, in fact, when you start investing more and more time into your business, your content becomes clearer and clearer.
Jokes, memes and relatable humor are always clutch, but you need to learn how to sell.
Use social content of you doing some of the daily activities that you normally do, even sales calls.
If it saves you time, saves you energy and makes you money, that’s a viable vehicle for more business.
Video creation and virality alone, are not what sustains a brand or a business.
Dig deep, most people associate business owners with money, and although their earning potential is unlimited, cost of customer acquisition is high.

Overcoming Camera Shyness

Here’s my BEST advice for your own business content journey, relaxing on camera, here’s why:
You are the asset in the square-box arena amongst the stars, most social creatives don’t understand their longterm value right away, they begin to see it and adjust.
The difference in my opinion is versatility, comfortability and mental health!
Everything is complex, so you’ll need to make it as simple for yourself as possible, this just isn’t the space to come and hope for everyone to like you.
The vast majority of people will never take action, have the same heart as you, resonate with your sacrifices as you, feel everything you say and do, read that again.
There’s no trick to putting in the actual work, most people are unfamiliar with real statistics going into the internet.
You’ll inspire more than you know, because of the confidence factor alone, you must be brave. Treat yourself well, respect yourself more than you feel comfortable with, and lie to yourself and tell yourself that you’ve already got it figured out, mostly just work.
No one cares, this is the trick, it’s never really up to anyone else except you. That’s life, that’s business and that’s social. So, understanding this- you need to be very intentional with your actions and choose to be the selector.
Ultimately, creatives will come out of their own comfort zones in their own lane as the environment around them requires a new mindset.
In my honest opinion, by getting more comfortable on camera, you’ll beat your not-so optimistic emotions back into line until you’re consistent and versatile. This is what separates talent.
The asset is the content, it work like currency in this modern era of creative business, which is my passion.
The physical surroundings when you upload that material, have to emotionally resonate with that select group.
Aim for your dreams! Don’t just say it, as in, pre-curate it more FOR the people that you want to attract, but in combination with what works for you.
Hire a friend to film you, run a video camera in a room and forget it’s recording and delete it, practice filming yourself doing normal activities- even if you NEVER upload it to social.
Don’t react to them

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