A Digital Trip
Episode Ten •
After creating the concept for my personal brand and business idea, it was time to make it official.
On July 4, 2017, I declared my financial independence from the world and incorporated my creative agency, @DigitalBusinessTraffic. I had to document it on social with a display of fireworks to celebrate.
I took to social media and began using content to tell my followers about options for social media, using a computer program with 3D animations, blending it into edutainment.
I primarily focused on Instagram content, and at the time hunted for most of my clients through Facebook groups and locally. I started to learn how to specifically attract people that were looking for service with copy and bold headlines.
One of my first major clients was a local @7ELEVEn, as shared in prior content, where I got an opportunity to work on three custom-marketing campaigns, one of which broke a National Sales Record.
What really made me happy, aside from a small biz and client win, was seeing my logo next to theirs on the Slurpee machine, it felt surreal. 
I started to obsess about collecting more social-proofs of authority, to build my own corner and establish experience. My time however, was constantly misguided by jumping into many-different sides of the business at once.
Instagram specifically played a key role at teaching me patience, and the type of business that it was, really wasn’t so-different than life.
Communicating with a wider-audience using my company logo taught me valuable lessons about perception. Personal branding in coordination with business content is remarkably-different than just one-or-the-other. Trust is built intensely, and conveying personality while humanizing your brand helps build brand loyalty.
Social marketing, content creation, e-commerce, branding, all started to blend into similar sequences with edutainment value. You help build empires, legacies and relationships, it’s way beyond what the audience will ever see.
Social presence made a tremendous impact on my professional life. I always wanted my own creative business, ever since I was very young.
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SYML – Mr. Sandman
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