The Push To Raise Funds

🚦Wanted to give those of you following us online a brief update on some of the things that we’re actively up to:

• Meeting so many small business owners, hearing their stories, and networking with them to find places that we can create value and maintain relationships.

• We’re creating a Membership Club for small business owners to access a variety of premium and exclusive content that can teach them how to optimize their socials and grow more presence on their own. This helps our business and theirs, and we continue to think of creative things to add to this package to make it more appealing and valuable.

• We’re prepping a KickStarter campaign to raise funds to get our startup off-the-ground. As my audience has witnessed and watched me work since 2016 until present, operation costs, maintenance fees and the amount it took through courses and otherwise were costly. This is a great way that our community can make a giant difference in our journey by contributing to our success and being welcomed into our extended business family.

We’re now accepting donations, and are thinking of benefit packages to offer on Patreon and beyond to increase our fundraising ability.

I’m also planning to do some fun activities on social to raise funds.

👊🏻Please take a minute or two out of your busy day to check out our Support and Donations page and consider making a contribution or helping a local small business grow.

📲Our PayPal account is ‘DigitalBizTraff’, or you can find out other ways to show support on our ‘Support’ page.

🧢 You can also pick up some merch to rock our brand with us! Available in our shop! Link in bio.

🎬Our YouTube channel is up to watch along, or you can subscribe to the blogs on our website. You can also check out our community forums, join us and chat in Discord, or reach out to us and connect!

✊🏼If you’re ever found value in any of our content or mission over-the-years, it’s a great way to become apart of the community and meet us half-way through-the-glass at building something meaningful.

💭If you have any questions, we’re here to answer!

🚀Follow Digital Business Traffic for more content tips!

⚡️Let’s roll!

The Road To Raising Funds

🚦As if starting a business from scratch solo on a budget for six years online wasn’t difficult enough, the lack of actual genuine support has led us to double-down on growing a stronger community of entrepreneurs for long-term growth, and I’m already seeing how this is going to effect lots of personal relationships, both online and offline.
 I’m going to thank all of those that are willing to support our mission in advance, and I should probably clarify that I’m incredibly invested in the future of my business, and if we’re not worth your time or support while we’re actively building, it’s probably going to affect how we decide to deal or respond, if at all. 
 This is urgent, because most of the people that see our messages will choose to ignore them. Because of the serious difficulty involved, we’ve decided to document and record every step of our Fundraising initiative.
There’s now a page on the Community Hub of our website called ‘Fundraising For Our Business’, where visitors can get up-to-date information. There’s a YouTube playlist on our YouTube channel where people can watch along, there’s going to be Twitter and Reddit threads, along with anything else that brings as much attention and awareness as possible.  
Spend six years pumping out thousands of hours of content for entrepreneurs, but as soon as we ask for support, they’re turning their heads, and so we’re dusting off the restricted and blocked features accordingly. Most people will only ever support when it is in their own best interest, this is life. This is the first time in six years we’re asking for support, sending DMs and we’re planning to do whatever is necessary.
There’s too many ways that you can choose to support. There’s contributing to the website hosting directly on our website, likes, shares, comments, referrals, word-of-mouth, contributing a one-time donation, monthly or annually. We’re open to sponsorships, partnerships and we’re actively searching for real people that want to see our brand thrive.
We have so much to offer, and a creative media business gets into a little bit of everything, as we constantly network with businesses and projects from around-the-world. 



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