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Instagram Lead Generation List

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Instagram How To Start Your IG Business

Step # 1

How To Start Your IG Biz

Step Number 1

Create a Username @

Give this a lot of thought. The more thought that you put into the account username the better the results. There’s much to consider, but I’ve broken it down for you.

Does it reflect what “it” is?
Is it easy to remember?

Match it with your other platforms, emails, etc. The easier or more “flush” it is, than the simpler it will be for your business efforts.

Searchable key terms will be in your favor if you can consider this. These devices are not only used and viewed more than the average television set now-a-days, but the convenient ability for users to search what content they’re looking for at the top, gives you a chance to think about that with your username selection.

Username: @ Butterfly.1_radio may not be a good pick.

It’s disappointing if the one you had in mind is taken, think outside the box for a closer alternative that still works.

Personal Brands: Avoid nicknames, if you can avoid . and/or _ even better. Be you, that’s the point.

Business Brands: Match, sync, repeat! Nearly all of your effort into branding will fall short if you’re changing year-after-year. Think of an iconic brand, they never change. All your platforms should be in some connection with the other.

Step # 2

How To Start Your IG Biz
Step # 2
Choose Your Profile Picture
First impressions are important, and that’s one of the main components of starting to brand or use Instagram for business.
Choosing your profile picture largely depends on the goals for your social account. Variations for personal branding, crypto news, clothing, branding or personal branding all help to identify which would be more suited.
In this reel-guide, I highlight six different examples that I’m testing around for my own page while still taking action with content.
There’s a variety that can be related to similar accounts for your own usage.
For a social influencer account, a clear smiling headshot would be recommended. After all, you’re going to want to initiate conversation, discussion and socialize as much as you can about your niche.
Being funny in pictures is great to set a positive and fun vibe, also tends to draw attention. Although, if you’re outputting serious content or trying to be an authority in your market it may be more difficult to take seriously and should be considered.
Shirtless, muscles and sexy shots definitely get attention on social. Just remember to refine your target audience. Growing right is much more effective for your long term goals when it comes to clicks.
Logos are great for a brand page, but showing your face breaks barriers when it comes to building trust.
Pictures that aren’t professionally-finished will be harder to stick out and be remembered. Avoid clutter and background noise.
Iconic, cartoonish and animated profile pictures work great at setting an aesthetic and building a sense of recognizability, although it tends to attract more creators.

Step # 3

How To Start Your IG Biz
Step # 3
This part is not important.
People don’t have high-attention spans in general, and they’re even more selective about what they spend their time reading, watching, listening to and that goes double for IG.
Think of your IG bio as your digital business card. It has to function not only for the app to serve your content properly, but convey exactly what to expect to your followers and what content is included.
Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find something that suits you, this is challenging to really hammer down.
Almost all of your effort will be foiled if it’s totally incorrect, so at least put some initial effort into it even if you’re experimenting.
Making this guide for you made me realize that my own needs some work.. *Cough*
A great bio contains all of the following:
• Your name | Relevant keywords
• Accurate category
• What you do, how you’re able to serve.
• Why you’re unique, what you have to offer.
• Value point, something that builds trust.
• Call to action, what else can they get or do.
• Link to other sources of information.
The goal is to optimize it, a great bio is seriously a top priority. More than your content, more than your username and more than your profile picture.
Research ways to improve it when you can, by finding what other accounts that are similar to yours are using and don’t be afraid to keep changing it until it’s working properly.
Relevant keywords and category about your IG page are really something that helps the app do the best job it can to serve your content to your ideal audience.
Don’t be discouraged if it’s not up-to-par, tweak it and test it until you’re satisfied with the results. But, remember that it works similarly to the engine of a car, you can’t perform optimally without it.

Step # 4

How To Start Your IG Biz
 Step # 4
Select your account type.
There are both advantages and limitations to which IG account type you select. Understanding the abilities for each specific option will give you the best opportunity to decide which is right for your IG account.
Don’t be afraid to customize and switch it, it really all depends on what your goals for that account are.
There’s three options to choose from.
• Personal
• Business
• Creator
 Let’s open them up and evaluate which advantages and limitations each one has.
Personal accounts are generic and will not have any of the options, tools, and capabilities that the others are built with. If you want growth, avoid normal.
Business accounts should be used by brands, small business owners, retailers, stores and shops. It’s the only account that allows you to enter a physical address, which makes it much easier for followers and customers to find your products and services. Unfortunately, these accounts can’t use licensed music in any of their content, and is often used as a tool for a professional look-and-feel.
Creator accounts should be used by influencers, content creators, artists, public figures and personal brands. They’re built specifically for entertainment, audience building and allows users to use music with ease.
Both the business and creator accounts have lots in common. For example, they’re both able to:
• Add products to sell directly.
• Scheduling post abilities. (Reels soon)
• Competitor tracking graphs.
• Allows hashtag performance info.
• Analytics and branded content tools.
Users can switch their account types by going to ‘Settings’, selecting ‘Account’, and scrolling to the bottom where ‘Switch Account’ is listed.
Again, if you’re confused on which best represents your page, don’t worry.
Infact, I’m a business owner who makes content, for my personal brand, with a physical store, an online shop, and influence other owners to create more.. Lol.
This is all apart of beginning to understand your niche, your specific goals, your target audience and using IG as effectively as possible.
It’s okay to make mistakes.

Step # 5

How To Start Your IG Business
Step # 5
Picking your niche is what’s going to help you really narrow down what you’re doing, who you’re doing it for and how you can do it more effectively.
This is one of the pieces to a much-larger puzzle that some entrepreneurs and creators choose to ignore. It’s actually very possible to totally skip this step altogether. You can still find success, but niching down is the most-effective way to serve that market and have a better chance.
Much like anything else, there is no perfect roadmap or secret formula to doing anything. Finding the right niche doesn’t always come right away, and could change after testing or you grow a more in-depth understanding of your business.
When you find your niche though, it starts turning your maximization abilities all-the-way-up. You can niche down in different ways, by topic, location, market or something incredibly rare and specific, like hats for cats.
Personally, when I started as a freelancer I almost had no idea what particular niche I wanted. My clients at the beginning (like most), were anyone I could find. I’ve worked with a variety of clientele from restaurants, brands, stores and even horse trainers. I was worried about which niche would fit my first business the best. Which is why I love personal branding, because I’m able to share this information with you way more clearly and with full-details for your own entrepreneurial efforts.
There’s no doubt that niching down has way more benefits though. Even a business such as carpentry or car cleaning services can niche down to a specific location and the results will be way more effective for them. Especially when ranking for search terms on Google. They’ll have less competition and get more calls.
If you’re still feeling it out, make sure to do your research. That tends to help you develop a clearer strategy on which is right for you.
Of course, ensure it’s profitable. There’s no reason that you can’t get some coin for helping others.
Don’t panic if you can’t decide, it’s similar to picking a major in college. It’ll come to you, and if it’s natural or organic, you’ll be able to shed more value.

Step # 6

How To Start Your IG Biz
Step # 6
The process of content isn’t to come up with something perfect, especially for personal brands. People have problems and want solutions that you can solve, what better way to help them is there? Social media can bring them right to you.
For creators, sometimes this means overcoming their own doubts about sharing faults, showing your true self, creating real connection and being able to properly communicate with your followers.
Don’t worry, because the size of the business that you’re reaching, or the stars that play in here and watch your story can be intimidating and distracting for anyone. Here’s a solution.
Creating with intent is going to best assist your efforts. If that audience can find value in it, than they’ll have incentive to follow you.
Create it with the idea that your dream customer or client is out there looking for it. Make it count. Mistakes are fine, but if you’re unsure about what your audiences wants, needs, pain points and obstacles are it’s going to be hard to craft the perfect offer.
Communicate with them using the content and follow up with a story that makes it more in-depth or valuable to ask them questions and grow clarity.
When they open-up your content, if they don’t find it valuable enough to follow, they won’t. The key is patience, because the percentage of converting with a compelling offer and a call to action is small.
Using IG to grow your knowledge of your target audience and engage with them is going to help your chances of creating better offers and solving those problems.
People earn amounts in relativity to the amount and size of problems that they can solve. Wealth isn’t accumulated through hard work alone, so customize the content to create an experience that reflects your brand with authenticity to build trust.
The more people that follow, the more potential problems and collective knowledge you’ll acquire.
The amount of followers is not dependent on your success or ability to provide value and help to the ones that do.
Focus on the ones you have. This is how you grow.

Step # 7

How To Start Your IG Biz
Step # 7
Imagining your dream clients and customers is the way to acquire them, sorta.
Follow me on this. You may already know what it’s like working with just anyone, there must be an ideal version of that out there.
Using content that is specifically for them is going to do the heavy-lifting at getting you together through content with actual results.
Nothing is easier than compelling a group of people that already want something by showcasing actual results.
Close your eyes and think.. Hmmmm….
What would they need, want, enjoy, engage with, find interesting, useful or desire more of?
Create the opportunity out-loud by specifying everything around that goal.
In digital space, everyone can hear you scream.. and post!
Even better, it doesn’t float away. That’s your energy being put to better use.
Let them chase you! I can assure you that people will go great lengths to find what they really want. Make it easier for them to see you.
Put the blinders on everything else. Don’t go for the easy dollar, aim for the longterm relationship.
If you have a desire to help them, almost nothing is going to stop you. Even the algorithm!
Be a content hero, create the connection.

Step # 8

How To Start Your IG Biz
Step # 8
Drawing your target avatar is a more in-depth analysis at uncovering your target audience. This requires learning who they are, what they like, and where they are.
It’s complex to say-the-least, and although everything else on Instagram is bound to change, sometimes suddenly, your insights about that avatar can continue to grow.
Your product and service can be for everyone and anyone, but if you’re specifically making things for a particular audience than it’s better to refine it, especially content.
Look, take it from a passionate Solopreneur, there’s so many things that I want to do, especially on social with my community. However, it might not be what the audience wants or needs.
A deeper knowledge of your target avatar is designed to learn their ins-and-outs so that you can create something more appealing. It’s hard to follow someone who’s doing sky diving posts, followed by beach walks, baby photos and then frisbee tutorials.
Knowing exactly who your ideal target avatar is leverages your efforts, time and money way more effectively and usually into a more margin-happy state of business.
Here’s an example:
Product: Surfboard.
Target Avatar: Fit, athlete, outdoorsy, follows trends, purchases swimwear, listens to rock and roll, usually wears beach gear, uses accessories, maybe drives a Jeep, lives in sunny locations with beaches.
That’s just an example, but I bet that you can almost *draw* them at that point. See it’s power?
Again, with more statistics and data you can narrow it down even further to literally engineer exactly what they’d look for, where, and how they’d use it.
For businesses, especially the creative types, that could mean adding similar music to the ones they enjoy in your ads, adding matching sunglasses with that hat for the summer, focusing only on a demographic age group, and even only promoting on Surfer Mags instead of IG after learning where their attention is the most.
Those who understand their market the most and become apart of that culture will be one of them. The closer to your audience you position yourself, the easier it is to communicate and make sales.

Step # 9

How To Start Your IG Biz
Step # 9
Before you sell it, try designing it specifically for your audience.
Testing things is great, if you can do it for free with posts on social. Sometimes, you’ll unlock key things or specific areas that you know you can add value to.
Consider all of your outs carefully, knowing the time required for the product or service to be completed, the effort required to get it into that finished state with satisfied customers or clients, and the total cost of it all, including safety-net, overheads, rent, upfront costs, etc.
If you pour money or time into it, it could blow up in your face. You ideally want it to return for your growth in a positive way.
You’ll have to decide if it’s worth the return on investment. For IG content, your expectations are almost entirely null.
You’re building bricks to essentially evoke emotions, create impressions and make it worth it for you and your community.
They last forever though, always has a chance to convert, and content on social grows exponentially not linear.
Your expectations are irrelevant, basically. This has to be considered with the idea that you’ll be creating content for as long as you’d like, there’s no ‘end’.
Creators, especially with smaller IG accounts should treat the content like a tip jar while you play the guitar at a subway station.
Y’know a small percentage will be active, chat, convert or tip.

Step # 10

How To Start Your IG Biz
Step # 10
Creating yourself online doesn’t have to be a stressful situation, let’s dive into it.
These are your own self-expressions that you present to the world. It doesn’t tell the whole picture, and there’s no way that you can do everything necessary in a few posts.
You’re basically rolling around the internet creating impressions that will naturally draw your 3D image more over great deals of time.
The audience that you’re presenting these impressions to should be as authentic as possible.
If you want to rent the lambo, put on all your jewelry and run through social for a really-short career path, have at it.
Chances are, you’re similar to me in the sense that your goals are to make actual meaningful connections, impressions and hopefully make some sales and conversions.
I also know what dogma is like, creating content at scale can give yourself doubts because you ‘constantly think’ your audience needs to see you in a different light, or ‘understand’ something else in order to really be seen.
Your responsibility is not how they think of you, by the way it’s totally uncontrollable. You want to treat your time carefully, because that is something that you can directly control.
If your content is making people feel bad, than that’s going to reflect negatively for your growth.
If your content makes people feel good, they’ll be more likely to want more.
You want them to put you into their phone and stay there, while you learn how to fly the ship and build it at the same time.
It will feel 10x better if you can do this genuinely. Creators often pull things from deep within ourselves and mix it through content to give people something real.
When that’s received well, your content game gets stronger. Those are your four corners, and they shouldn’t be used to manipulate, or they’ll leave and never return.
I want to be extra clear about this last part so that it’s not misconstrued. Creating yourself and being your total self are not the same thing, the reason for this is because real life and online are two-different worlds.
This DOES NOT MEAN ‘fake it’.
Create an online persona!


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